Members can be invited on the Upmetrics to collaborate. 

To invite more colleagues, follow the below steps: 

Step 1:

You can invite new members from the following places

  • Workspaces Page

After you click on workspace,

  • From Right Top of the screen, when
  • From the Workspace Settings -> Workspace Members Page

See the below screenshots.

 Step 2: 

To invite new member, click on "+" and "invite" button and you will see dialog to invite new member.

Step 3: 

Search the user by typing the username or email address, 

if the user already exists in the Upmetrics, the user profile will show-up. 

If user does not exists, you can invite user by entering email address.

Step 4:

Once the relevant user is selected, 

Give the required permission to the user and click on "ADD MEMBER" button

* You can always change this permissions later.

Step 6:

After clicking on "ADD MEMBER" button, the new user will appear on the list with the given permissions.