Model Summary

If you want to enter the number of units you expect to sell, along with the price for each, choose the Unit sales revenue stream model, and Upmetrics will calculate the totals automatically.

For Instance, if you are projecting 100 products per month, that means you are also forecasting 100 sales per month (other revenue models work differently, so please refer to the appropriate model for additional details).

Keep in mind that how you define a 'unit' depends on what you sell. If you offer gadgets, just enter the quantity of those gadgets (mobile phones or computers or whatever) you think you'll sell. For other offerings, you might want to use 'units' to mean consulting engagements or fixed-price contracts or pallets of low-value materials. Do what makes sense for your business.

Adding Unit Sales revenue stream

  1. Click on Revenue tab and then click on ‘Add Revenue Stream’ button.

  1. Enter name for your revenue stream and then click ‘Create’

  1. Revenue Model Type: For the revenue model type select ‘Unit Sales’. Then click next

  1. Revenue Units:  Enter the number of units of this product you think you'll sell and percentage of variation in unit sales. This can be either a constant amount per day, week, month or year, or varying amounts.If you chose Constant amount, enter the number of units you forecast for each day, week, month or year, Enable inventory tracking on or off based on what you sell, Inventory is only applicable for Products, Learn more about Inventory Tracking:

  1. Price: Enter the amount you will charge for each unit of this product or service. You can enter a constant price, or varying prices over time.

  1. Refund: Enter monthly percentage of revenue are you going to pay as a refund. This will help us to calculate accurate gross margin.

  1. Time Duration: Select when the revenue for this unit sales stream will begin and end. then Click Save to prepare forecast for what you have entered:

  1. Revenue Forecast: After you save all the inputs, Your all inputs will be used to calculate revenue forecast data, You can also manually edit values and excel formulas into the excel sheet. It will automatically save all the updates you made into the excel sheet. There is also options available to download and edit revenue stream inputs.


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