All the operating expense are organized with groups or categories. Find similar expenses and group them into the same category. Before you add any expense amount you need to create expense group.

Create Operating Expense Group(Category): 

  1. Click the ‘Add Expense Group’ button

  1. Enter name of the expense group and then click ‘Create’ button

Add Personnel Expense: 

  1. Click the Add Expense button:

  1. Name & Type: Name your operating expense and select expense model type, See more information about different Op. Expense models on Operating Expense - Models

  1. Expense Amounts: How would you insert cost amounts depends on what expense model you chose. You can enter a constant unit cost or a varying amounts. For example if you chose recurring expense amount type, you also need to select time frequency along with inserting expense amounts.

  1. Time Duration: choose when the expense will begin and end (If you think expense amounts will never end over time let it be selected the end date as a end date of your plan duration):

  1. Update Operating Expense Sheet: Once you click on ‘Save’ button system will generate monthly expense projections for this expense, you can update any values or formulas into the excel sheet for your ease as shown below:


To know where does the Operating Expense appear on various financial reports, checkout Planned - Operating Expenses