All the personnel expense(Direct or Indirect costs) are organized using groups or categories. Personnel expense page where you can insert personnel costs either with type COGs(Direct labor) or OpEx(Indirect Labor). While inserting personnel expense you need to choose appropriate expense type.

Create Personnel Group(Team)

  1. Click the ‘Add Personnel Group’ button

  1. Enter name of the personnel group and click ‘Create’ button

Add Personnel Expense

  1. Click the Add Personnel button:

  1. Name: How would you like to insert this personnel expense? Select ‘Group of Employees’ if you have multiple employees who are having same salary and joining date otherwise go with ‘Individual’ option. When you select option ‘Group of employees’ you also need to tell us how many such employees or contractors you are having.

  1. Salary: You can enter salary as a constant amount over time, for example X amount monthly or yearly, Here you also need to tell us about whether would you provide annual or monthly raises to your employees. If you have varying salary amounts over time you can straight away insert those values into excel sheet.

  1. Time Duration: Let us know about employee or contractor joining date and when they stop providing you services:

  1. Tax & Benefits: This is important step, here you need to describe whether your employee is contractor or payroll employee. We need this clarification because if they are the contractor then Percentage Tax & Benefits would not be applicable. If they are on-staff employee you also need to define how much percentage benefits and taxes would you pay?
    Another most important step is to define this personnel expense as a COGs or OpEx. you need to let us know about whether this expense is a Regular Personnel Expense or Cost of goods sold.

  1. Update Personnel Expense Sheet: Once you click on ‘Save’ button system will generate monthly personnel projections for this expense, you can update any values or formulas into the excel sheet for your ease as shown below:

To know where does the Personnel Expense appear on various financial reports, checkout Planned - Personnel Expenses